College Student:
“During my first semester of college, I began to experience severe migraine
headaches accompanied with nausea and vomiting. Additionally, I was having the
inability to sleep. Gradually, these symptoms intensified, and I began to experience
them on a daily basis. Having to deal with all of these symptoms, while attending
class and fulfilling my responsibilities greatly affected my quality of life and made it
extremely difficult to simply get through my day. I went to see a neurologist and tried
everything that was widely available to manage my symptoms; neurofeedback was
the only option that provided me with immediate, lasting relief. Now, I am able to get
through my day without having to worry about my symptoms, and the most significant
aspect of the neurofeedback is that I was able to experience success without the
consumption of drugs or outside substances.” W.I.

Parent of College Student:
“Last year my son began experiencing migraine headaches accompanied by nausea,
vomiting and a restless mind inhibiting sleep. Over several months, these conditions
increased in frequency to the point that they occurred every day. He could not sleep
or eat, and preparing for and attending class at LSU was very difficult. A neurologist
prescribed medicine to take for a headache and another drug to take as a
preventative but warned that it could slow brain function! This was not an option. A
friend told us about the Neurofeedback Clinic. The sessions brought immediate relief
of all symptoms. Every one of the problems disappeared, allowing my son to live a
pain free life without drugs. We are grateful for my son’s good health and appreciate
Rhonda Guidry’s tireless efforts to schedule sessions that were convenient for him, as
he attends LSU and lives in Baton Rouge.” L.I.

“We were very happy with the results of the neurofeedback therapy that our daughter
obtained. After a few weeks, we noticed her being more verbal and making more
complete sentences. Thank you for bringing this technology to our area.” C.L.

College Student:
“Neurofeedback changed my life forever. I was going through a time in my life when I
was experiencing severe anxiety. I was having panic attacks. I got on medication, but
I did not want to be on it forever. I decided to try Neurofeedback. Within about 4
months, I was off of my medication, and I was anxiety free. Within about 6 months, I
never knew that I could experience life without anxiety until I tried it. I would
recommend neurofeedback to anyone who has anxiety and wants a peaceful life.” J.H.

Grandmother of 2:
“Neurofeedback has had such a positive effect in the lives of my grandsons. I could
see the results of this amazing technology reflected in their schoolwork and ultimately
in the grades they received. Rhonda has created a warm and inviting environment for
her clients that made my grandsons look forward to going to their sessions. My family
and I are so very grateful to Rhonda for the care and attention she showed my
grandsons and for Neurofeedback What
a wonderful difference both have made in
their lives!!” J.L.

College Student:
“This brain stuff really works!”

Adult Female w/Migraines:
“I used to have 3-4 migraines a week, and now I may have 1-2 a month, and they are
much less severe.”

12 y/o Boy w/Behavior Disorder:
“I feel WAY calmer and happier.”

8 y/o Boy w/ADHD:
“I feel smart and focused now.”

Professional Female w/ADD:
“I can read and absorb information now without having to go back and read the
sentence over and over. And the background noise isn’t distracting me anymore.”

Mom w/Anxiety:
“I have been in therapy for years but still struggled with anxiety issues. NFB has
gotten rid of all the residual anxiety.”

Professional Female w/Sleep Disorder:
“My mind is not racing anymore at night and now I’m able to fall asleep and stay